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Science Park PictureMcEntegart Legal Ltd provide legal advice & guidance on a range of services including copyright, trademarks, design rights and intellectual property, ecommerce, data protection, agency and distribution, marketing & media and entertainment, terms and conditions and all business law requirements from it's Liverpool office.

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McEntegart Legal Limited has incorporated Chime Legal Services and Chime Creative Management Limited.

The Liverpool lawyers provide legal advice, drafting and negotiation services to businesses of all sizes. We specialise in commercial law.

McEntegart Legal help businesses maximise their protection and profits when dealing with other businesses and customers.

McEntegart Legal can provide management, consultancy and guidance on a range of services including copyright, ecommerce, data protection, agency and distribution, marketing and media and entertainment.

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“When we initially approached Francis McEntegart for help regarding a breach of contract relating to one of our artworks, we were gearing up for a long haul. But what could easily have turned out in less capable hands to be a complicated and drawn out dispute was dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Not only were we delighted to receive a swift and positive result but were impressed from the outset by Mr McEntegart’s highly professional, yet approachable and reassuring manner.

In a world where creative people can all too often feel exploited and taken advantage of professionally it’s wonderful to finally find someone like Francis McEntegart whom we experienced as being willing to defend the rights of artists’ with such passion.”

The Singh Twins 

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