Rihanna has successfully sued Top Man for  its use of her image on a t-shirt without he permission. This case was not about copyright infringement as the shop had acquired the permission of the copyright owner of the image – the photographer. But in this country celebrities cannot protect themselves as we do not have image rights – but this decision may move us towards a similar protection as set out in the US. You don’t need the permission of an individual to use their image (there are privacy issues if photo was taken in private) unless (and it is a big unless) it looks as though the person is endorsing your goods or services (like the Eddie Irvine case). If Top Man had made it clear that there was no endorsement from Rihanna then the outcome may have been quite different. So, if you are using images of celebrities make sure that you make it clear that you do NOT have their endorsement. Think like “this is unofficial material”.