Liverpool Intellectual Property Law specialists McEntegart Legal Ltd comment and give assistance on the ICO guide to IT Security.

The ICO’s Guide is practical and is an attempt to help businesses avoid heavy fines. The ICO have issued fines totaling  1.5 million pounds so far for breaches of IT security. Fines can go up to 500,000 but most should be lower but it is the bad press that comes with it that can be more harmful.

Businesses should do the following:

  • check what data you store
  • have various forms of security
  • secure the physical, ie computers, hard drives and discs
  • have anti virus and anti malware software
  •  monitor and consider who has access and why
  • passwords should be changed if employee leaves
  • staff training may be required for their awareness of the policy
  • make sure that your web server is separate from your main file server
  • have your correct policies in place
  • get rid of any old software from the system
  • make sure employees know of their responsibilities
  • re work phones laptops and tabs – there should be sufficient encryption in case stolen
  • similarly consider mobile remote disable/wipe facilities
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