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Specsavers Trademark

One in the eye for anyone who wants to use the word should've. Specsavers have made an application to register the word as a trademark in the UK. The company already has the phrase "Should've gone to Specsavers" registered which is reasonable. Trademarks have to be distinguishable to be registrable. Sometimes applications will be made using [...]

Beer Festival Trademark

Munich officials have made an EU trademark application for Oktoberfest. Media have made out that they were seeking copyright protection but it is an actual trade mark application (I will do a post on the differences). They claim that they have not made any money from the billion euro a year generating festivals. If the [...]

New Website

Check out our new site. We are now ready to provide lots of trademark and IP news.

Image Rights in the UK? The Rihanna Case

Rihanna has successfully sued Top Man for its use of her image on a t-shirt without he permission.

Copyright Registration

Also there is no requirement for a UK copyright holder to register and non-registration does not affect the existence of the copyright

Assignment & Licenses (what is the difference?)

If you want an assignment, then a handshake is not enough.

Exclusive & Sole Licenses (what are the differences?)

The question of the differences between an exclusive, non-exclusive and sole licenses comes up quite often. So we have set out a simple explanation of each.

Start A Record Label Package

Start Your Own Record Label Package

Angry Birds App Creators & the Importance of IP

Important issues from the sale of intellectual property

Latest ICO Guide on IT Security

McEntegart Legal Ltd on IT Security Guide from ICO