Liverpool music & entertainment law specialists McEntegart Legal have put together a fantastic package for anyone wanting to set up their own record label or existing labels who want access to a great set of music industry contracts. The package Start Your Own Record Label comes with a 12 page guide on all key aspects from setting up the business, getting your business name & trade marks, signing the band or artist, licensing tracks, sorting session musicians & producers and arranging distribution (both physical & online)to marketing and promotion.

The package also includes a set of music contracts that can be used over and over again. They include a record contract, licensing agreement, producer contract and a session musician agreement. All contracts come with their own specific and detailed guides.

The contracts would usually cost several hundred pounds each but the whole package costs only £49.99 for unlimited use.

The Start Your Own Record Label package is a must for anyone who is looking to set up their own business, who is interested in the music industry, owning a record label and wanting to get sound advice on being a success in the music business.

This is a serious legal package for the music industry. The package can be downloaded instantly and you could set up your label the same day.