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Services for Creatives

As a creative individual or company you need to know that your creativity is being worked to yours and its greatest advantage and that you are not being exploited to your disadvantage.

MCLegal represents clients including artists, musicians, film-makers, producers, writers, photographers, designers, app and web developers.

MCLegal ensures that you know your rights and works with you to maximise the use of those rights to the extent that you want to. Should you assign, grant an exclusive, non-exclusive or sole licence? Are you getting upfront payments, advances, royalties and/or commissions.


We have lots of experience dealing with copyright, trademarks, designs, patents, database and data and concept protection.

Our services include negotiation, drafting , guidance and advice on agreements and documents such as:

 Record Label Agreements

 Publishing Agreements



 Management & Agency Agreements

 Design Agreements

 Marketing Agreements


 & Endorsement  Agreements